Safety and security are essential for residential and commercial properties. You can trust Maximus Associates Security agents to protect and secure your property and residents safe.

Residential security is the number one concern of homebuyers, renters, and residents in apartment complexes, gated communities, HOAs, condominiums, and other managed communities. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure at home and in their community and nobody should ever expect anything less. More than 2 million burglaries occur in the U.S. every year, so residential security should never be taken for granted.

Whether you are a property manager, HOA officer, or community manager of any residential community, you know how incredibly important it is to keep not only your property but your residents safe as well. You can trust Maximus Associates Security to provide diligent and highly effective security service for your residential property.


Commercial building security needs to be robust and provide different types of protection to account for the large numbers of people that come and go. Maximus Associates Security will secure your properties, assets, and tenants from theft, vandalism, and personal injury.

You may have a great business and generate a lot of revenue, but without proper security measures, you may end up losing everything to theft and other crimes. Our armed or unarmed guards and are fully capable of protecting your commercial business and preventing unauthorized access to your office buildings, warehouses, depots, and other commercial sites.